Hinow Video Chat's logoChatting online has become trend and it is possible if you own a SmartPhone that allows you to download any online app. Get this wonderful online hinow video chat app which is especially designed for you to meet new people who are singles or either married instantly. You can talk to any girl or boy with live chat as it is applicable all over the world. Go live with open chat window any time of the day using this online video chat app to stay connected with anyone from anywhere in the world with a single tap! It is thus best platform to expand the circle of acquaintances and friends. Offers incredibly simple UI, comes with lot of personalization settings that requires just 10 megabytes space on your favorite device.

Involve in live chatting with single person or get into small group video chat using this most popular globally acclaimed app that is available to download and install on your device for free. You will definitely come across a new social realm experience that will help you strengthen the bond between you as you interact with each other. Utilize this video chat app to make friends, make video calling, flirt or play online games with your friends or other players nearby or worldwide. This app is widely popular among pretty girls and handsome boys to want to stay in touch with each other irrespective of place anywhere in the world.

How to Access this Wonderful App on PC & Mac?

Hinow Video Chat setup for pc

There are different ways to install BlueStack with this wonderful app. They are:

  1. First select the icon of Play Store and then search for this app in the home screen. Then download it to install it in your device. Next go to search icon on home screen and click on it to get started. That’s it.
  2. If by any reason you are unable to download this app then use drop and drag option. Use this feature to get APK file on BlueStack App Player available in your system to get it installed the APK file.
  3. The third way is find the APK button visible on side bar. Click on this APK button and within short unit of time you are ready to use this installed app on your device that allows you to have better communication worldwide.

BlueStack app has got other alternative apps which meet its purpose and allows the user to reap all its benefits. They are Nox, MEmu, Andy, Dolphin, KoPlayer and many more. Lets talk about any of them. Nox Player is ready to use Android emulator instead of BlueStack as it offers plethora of options and is highly compatible to download for all kinds of Windows and Mac OS devices. Being free it offers user friendly interface and helps run the application with Android Lollipop 5.1.1 version that sports UI material and other features useful for better access of anything.


Hinow Video Chat on PC

Hinow Video Chat for Android

Android's logoHinow is globally recognized online video chat application that is available for free to download for Android. Access this app that allows the user to make new friends and fall in relationship with pretty girls and handsome boys staying anywhere across the world. You can download the 3.7.6 android APK needed to run the application that requires minimum version of Android 4.4+ and 9.90 MB space. It allows the user to play various online games, chat live, make video calls, and rewrite the content for effective communication that helps them to expand their circle. Leverage this incredible app available with UI interface and lot of personalized settings to fall in discussion with anyone across the globe.

Hinow Video Chat for iOS (iphone & ipad)

iOS's logoHinow, is one of the most favorable video live streaming app that is especially designed to allow the users who are aged above 18 years old but restricted for underage. So far millions of people across the globe had found this app advantageous to start conversation with anyone who meets same likes to make friends, flirt with pretty girls and young boys, for video chatting and to play various types of online games. The minimum version needed to access this app for iOS device is yet to release. You can best access this app from Google Play Store.

How is it compatible for others OS?

Chromecast's logoCommunication plays vital role to build relationship with one another. Though Hinow is an video chat app its software should best support your device with stable internet or Wi-Fi connection. It is readily available to download for PC, Windows phones, Chromacast, Kodis, Ps4, with their related versions to fall in the process of video calling, flirting and falling in friendship with new people online. Access the one that is free to download and works on all operating systems and devices such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Video Chat, Viber, Imo messenger and many more. Keep a track on its official website to best access their latest version that are need to stay connected with anyone at any time as your family and friends area spread all across the world. Make sure if using any other video chat app it offers you good video call making functionality that is free to use.

Best alternatives for this App

There are many alternatives available in the market to this video chat application. Though it is an online video chat application if not successful to access this app on your device best use its APK file or these applications that serve as best alternative to Hinow app. To name a few are as follows:

  1. Facebook Video Chat: Facebook Video Chat's logoIt is one of the biggest social media platform streaming website that is accessed by millions of users worldwide. It works in collaboration with Skype isn’t it amazing! Just open the window of chat box window of your close friend and click on the icon of video chat. Once you successfully download the application of this Facebook video chat it is ready to use to bring back conversations in your life that is just single click away from your finger right from the Facebook account.
  2. Skype: Skype's logoIt offers both voice and video calling that is popular software by Microsoft. To use this you need to have stable internet and Wi-Fi connection that will connect you with your friends and family members. It is very effective software that works on all Operating systems and devices to call anyone from anywhere. Though it is free it is also available with paid call facility that charges you minimal cost for making call through your mobile phone.
  3. Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts's logoIt is one of the webs based popular video chat software that is ready to use with your Gmail account by default. You can involve in face to face interaction with about 10 people at same time and works on any browser and Operating Systems without any restrictions. You can download this from Play Store, iTunes and other Web applications which offer the hangout feature to make video calls to your friends and family members for free.
  4. Viber: Viber's logoIt is amazing video calling software built for PC, Windows, Mac and Linux. Access this app for high quality video calling that is free to use and also available for Android and iPhone mobiles. It best supports formatting texts, images and engage in video calls that easily gets sync on any mobile and computer. All you need to do is sign up using your current mobile number and get started to use its products and services.
  5. Imo Messenger: Imo Messenger's logoIt is one of the best video calling software for PC that is ready to use on all types of platforms such as Windows, PC, Mac, iOS, Android and other mobile and tablet devices. Communicate effectively with your friends and relatives staying abroad using this free messenger app that offers easy to use interface. Being cross platform app it provides chrome extension to use for Chrome browser.

However if BlueStack is not available or not working properly you can use its best alternatives that are namely GenyMotion, YouWave, Dolphin, Andy, KoPlayer and many more all for free. Gain better gaming experience using these Android emulators which are must to download and install any mobile game apps or get their APK files for direct access from Google Play Store. All being lightweight are easy to download and install. It thus allows the user access all its features for better reaching.

What are you paid when using this App?

To access this video chat application the user needs to open their Hinow account and register on the website or server to best use its products and services. When any user is using this online video chat application the user receives two types of Hinow App points. They are as follows:

  • One of the type includes usage of diamonds for direct exchange or do tasks, the daily check-in points that are non-convertible.
  • The other type includes points which are obtained from the caller who is using the video chat application from his own device.
  • As you are using this Hinow app with BlueStack application you are also likely to receive BlueStack points and coins which you can redeem from BlueStack store. Get them to leverage real prizes as you are worth to earn them by making video chat calls to anyone across the globe.


  1. What is Hinow main purpose?
    Hinow is best and most popular online video chat application that is highly beneficial to fall in act of video and audio calling without paying any charge as it is available to access for free. Enjoy this application to chat with your friends and family members who are spread all through the world and make new friends who are young girls and handsome boys to make video calls and share your feelings, play various types of mobile games and rewrite the text messages with relevant images. Use this incredible video chat application that works with amazing user interface and allows the user access lots of personalized settings on any Android, PC, Windows device.
  2. How is Hinow Application compatible to work with BlueStack?
    If you are facing any compatibility issue after downloading the BlueStack App which is ready to download and use from Google Play Store then troubleshoot the app to restore its features. The best solution to resolve the compatibility issues is upgrade with latest version of BlueStack App Emulator which is basically not an Android Emulator but millions of people had used it on various platforms and devices to obtain better gaming experience all for free!
  3. Suggest the latest Android Version of this Video Chat Application?
    Though Hinow is a private video chat application it is ideal for live video calling and build relationship with new people that hail from different parts of the world. It is handy tool used by young girls and handsome boys to make them visible to one another via live video chat that is free and don’t charge a single penny for any type of voice or video call. The latest version of this video chat application is 3.7.6 APK app which is easy to download and install from Google Play.
  4. Site few alternatives to this video chat app?
    As said earlier there are many video chat streaming apps available online among which few are free and few charge money for making calls. It is advisable to choose the applications that are free and specially designed to meet different people all across the globe at the same time or allows the user access 1v1 calling. Here are top 10 alternatives which meet your requirements if you fail to download and install Hinow on your device. They are Facebook Video Chat, Imo Messenger, Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts, iChat, Face Time, ooVoo, Tango, Line and many more.
  5. Where can you find this video chat app?
    You can find this video chat application direct from Google Play Store that is more convenient mode to interact with people live in different parts of the world. Make new friends, meet your family members, get engaged to strengthen the bond between your lover with real time video chat to share your emotions and expressions at special occasions and rewrite the content to text messages and share images to have better communication at anytime from anywhere. Access this video chat application that is just single tap away from your finger and allows you to expand your connections worldwide with stable internet and Wi-Fi connection.